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Me And My Boo Boo

Mama bracelet

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Mama bracelet 


Materials we use

Acrylic alphabet beads.

Glass beads and 24 karat gold plated details.




One size - elastic.


We support Suicide Zero's work to reduce suicide. For every sold `mama` bracelet we donate 10 sek to Suicide Zero. 

"Every year, close to 1,500 people in Sweden take their lives, and about ten times as many make an attempt. Those who take their lives leave loved ones in despair and lifelong grief. But suicide can be prevented and the nonprofit organization Suicide Zero works hard to show how. Because there is a lot of taboo, ignorance, fear and stigma around suicide and mental illness, Suicide Zero works to increase the knowledge of politicians, journalists, school staff and the general public. They do this through lobbying, debate articles in Sweden's largest news media and through training and lectures for various professional groups. It is a long-term effort, but if we all work together we can reach our goal and radically reduce the suicide numbers. Every donation counts!"