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Me And My Boo Boo

Becky necklace

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Becky necklace

Materials we use

Floral necklace composed with onyx gemstones, freshwater pearls and gold filled beads. The necklace is finished with a durably gold plated extension chain, giving you options to wear it in multiple lengths and ways. All gold details are 24K gold plated.



Approximately 36 cm plus 10 cm extension.



The Onyx is a powerful stone with plenty of positive attributes. First, it is a grounding and centering stone. It will balance you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Second, it is a strengthening stone that will assist you in tasks where you feel challenged and weak. Third, it will ease your fears where they are the strongest. Fourth, it will banish negativity. Fifth, it will rejuvenate you when you have run out of energy. Finally, it will attract positive energy and bring you happiness.

When you wear onyx it will inspire self-control, confidence, fidelity to your partner. It enhances your meditation and dreams. It will give you confidence in your career, like in interviews and presentations. The Black Onyx will work according to your heart’s desire.

The Black Onyx is also believed to have healing power and to heal teeth, bones, feet, and blood disorders. Place it on your body and feel the healing take place. Use the Black Onyx to charge water to treat skin ailments like fungal infections and sunburns, and also wounds and rashes. Just pat it on the affected area and use an Onyx water compress at night.

Self Control, Confidence, Mental strength and Protection from negativity.


Good to know about your boo boo 

All pieces are handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden and made to order.

Minor modifications due to the individuality of each piece.

Please allow 2-3 business days before shipment for product to be made.